Academics - Lower School

Lower School

We are excited to offer Kindergarten-8th grade beginning fall 2023. We offer a flexible, learner-centered educational model that integrates at-home virtual learning with in-person learning at Galileo Preparatory Academy. We support self-paced, mastery-based learning, made possible through the Montessori Work Cycle (in our K-1st grade studio), independent online and offline learning programs, and one-on-one academic advising, Our multi-age studios help enrich the learning environment by providing modeling by older learners, fostering leadership opportunities, and facilitating social and psychological development.

We also focus on socratic guiding, which gives our learners ownership of and autonomy for their education. Our hands-on, collaborative learning is implemented through project-based work, Montessori activities, and apprenticeships.

We believe ample outdoor time is beneficial for the many health benefits it offers and for the opportunity it provides for children to play creatively. Galileo has an entrepreneurial focus, which culminates in annual Business Fair participation by all learners. Character development is also key, which is incorporated into the school day through structured Life Skills curricula, group conversations, and one-on-one mentoring, and is designed to equip our learners to approach life with integrity, intentionality, and purpose.

We offer both a 3-day and 4-day program for our Lower School.

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