Academics - Upper School


Galileo Preparatory Academy empowers learners and their families to choose the time, place, and pace of learning.


Build out a personalized schedule that works for your family.


Attend classes in person, online, or a customized mixture of both.


Customize learning paths based on interests and academic needs.


Galileo Preparatory Academy's model is project-, mastery-, interest-, and real-world-based.

  • GPA supports each learner with highly qualified teachers, an advisor/advocate, and mentors who provide actionable feedback — online and/or in person.
  • Learning happens beyond the classroom. Each learner will address opportunities in their community and be part of workable solutions.
  • Learner agency is developed and increasingly builds confidence and develops life skills in learners.

Middle School

At Galileo, we support and nurture our middle school learners while helping them grow their independence. Sixth graders, for example, do not lead their own learner-led conferences. Advisors lead conferences with sixth grader learners.

Community involvement begins with even our earliest learners with a 10 hours per year service requirement.
In our personalized learning model, many learners will span "grades" across content areas based on individual mastery levels. 
Please contact for a list of course offerings.

High School

A Galileo learner has the opportunity to customize their learning in such a way that graduations requirements are met, the learner has fun while learning, and the learning is active and rewarding.

Beginning at the 9th grade level, in order to prepare for college or career, learners begin demonstrating mastery in traditional academic concepts, and begin determining an area of focus or a minor area of study. Before graduation an internship will complement this area of focus, as well as the study of fine art areas, which improve the learner’s confidence and communication. This model continues to strengthen with the pairing of electives to deepen the learning process through graduation.

Please contact for a list of course offerings.