Our Approach

Learners are the centric focus of Galileo Preparatory Academy

Galileo Preparatory Academy is a ground-breaking private education model. We offer a personalized, flexible, active school where learners and parents have voice and choice.

Flexibility. Galileo Prep empowers learners and their families to choose the time, place, and pace of learning.

  • Build out a personalized schedule across all twelve months.
  • Attend classes in person, on-line, or a customized mixture of both.
  • Customize learning paths based on interests and community immersion.

Check out these example schedules that reflect families' extreme flexibility and personalized learning.


Cameron - Future Tennis Star, Middle School
Olivia - Globetrotter, Middle School
Emma - Spanish Language Aficionado, High School
Jack - Animator, High School

Outcomes. Galileo Prep's model is problem-, mastery-, interest-, and real-world-based. As a result, your child can learn three times faster than in traditional models and will graduate college and career ready.

  • A 14:1 adult to student ratio supports each learner with highly qualified teachers, an advisor/advocate, and grader who provides actionable feedback — online and/or in person.
  • Learning happens beyond the classroom. Each learner will address opportunities in their community and be part of workable solutions.
  • Student agency is developed and increasingly builds confidence and develops life skills in learners.

Contact our admissions team at or (615) 656-0220 to learn more.