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Meet Cameron — Future Tennis Star, Middle School Student

Cameron’s family is excited to enroll him in a school that has the flexibility to meet his family’s needs. Cameron is advanced in math, enjoys reading, and plays tennis in a traveling league.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Cameron has practice at the tennis facility for four hours in the morning. If he needs additional help with his schoolwork, he joins Galileo’s afternoon sessions online from home. He can always schedule time in person in the afternoons if his family so chooses. His family travels on some, but not all Friday afternoons for his weekend matches, depending on where the matches are. Mondays and Wednesdays, he schedules time to attend sessions on campus at Galileo in the mornings.

Since Cameron will be going with his mother to NYC next week, he and his current English/Social Studies project partner, Chloe, plan to use their in-class time together this week to work on their project together. Next week, when they are apart, they are going to finish reading their novel. Here is Cameron’s schedule for this week given his upcoming travel and assignments.

Check out Cameron's sample schedule for this week given his upcoming travel and assignments.

Cameron's Schedule

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