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Meet Emma — Spanish Language Aficionado, High School Student

Emma is a very smart young lady with an autoimmune disease. She leads a very normal life, but mornings are difficult for her. Because of the flexibility in Galileo Prep's scheduling, Emma's parents arranged for her to attend Galileo so that she could take it easy in the mornings.

Emma joined Galileo in ninth grade. She participated in a full immersion Spanish program prior to her enrollment at Galileo. As a result, she was able to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam, which provided her high school credit for Spanish I and II. In order to maintain her fluency, she interns at a local organization, where she translates Spanish to English for families. Emma greatly enjoys languages, so for her focus area, she is furthering her study of Spanish. Additionally, given her fluency in a second language, her understanding of English grammar is superb. For this reason, she is advanced in English and progresses through the content in English courses very quickly.

Emma's Schedule

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