What Inclusivity Means to Us

At Galileo, every learner is welcome. Our goal is to fully represent the communities we serve. 

One of our values is to “think of others before self,” and we have a very strict anti-bullying policy in person. This is because Galileo is a safe and welcome environment for all students.

Because of our mastery-based, project-based, and growth-minded learning model, students are learning at different paces and places in the curriculum. Our personalized learning model welcomes students with all types of learning styles and preferences. A culture of lifelong learning and mutual respect is critical in order for such a personalized school community to be effective.

Another one of our core values is for students to improve the local and global community. Service is a critical component of our mission, and it is an amazing way to model inclusivity for our students. All students are required to serve within the community, and we encourage families to participate in the service projects.