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Meet Jack — Animator, High School Student

Jack’s mother and father are both musicians. They are going to be on tour during the winter season from January through March and then take vacation Thanksgiving through New Year. As a result, Jack, who is in tenth grade, will join all his synchronous classes online from the road during the months of January–March, and he will not be working on his schoolwork during the last six weeks of the calendar year. 

Since Jack will be in various cities in different time zones, Jack will join classes in the afternoon session when he meets synchronously with classmates and instructors.

Jack’s focus area is computer animation, so he wants to make sure he can complete his animation class on campus before the family leaves in December. Special computer software is required for his animation course, and he won’t have access to animation software while traveling. Additionally, with his focus in animation, he plans to take higher levels of math than required for graduation, so he’d like to work ahead in math before the family leaves. See how Jack's family makes it work for Jack and their busy tour schedule.

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