Mission, Vision, Purpose

Our Vision

To unite passionate learners in a global community where all are welcome, creativity is valued, family is honored, and curiosity never ends.

Our Mission

To prepare learners for a rapidly changing, technology rich, globally focused, people-centric future by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and Galileo’s core values.

Our Purpose

To provide a personalized, flexible, and family-friendly model of active learning that challenges the industrial structure, traditional academic calendar, and one-size-fits-all approach found in most public and private schools.

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Our Academic Philosophy

Learning is a lifelong activity.  From learning to sit up, walk, and talk to learning to read, write, add, and subtract, to learning to interact with others, lead, follow, and peacefully coexist – learning never ends.  Galileo provides an education that calls upon learners to be the best people they can be and to pursue their own interests while appreciating the interests of others.  Galileo guides learners to form a life of learning, creativity, service, and leadership.  To think of others before self.

While Galileo plays a significant role in the development of our learners intellectually, social, and emotionally, we honor the preeminent role of the family in that development.   A Galileo education presents an integrated curriculum that explores the connections among facts, questions, opinions, and conclusions, while examining problems and considering solutions.  At Galileo, learners apply their knowledge and gain fresh insight through project-based learning, where understanding is expanded, relationships are hewn, and real-world preparation is gained.

In a pluralistic society, Galileo offers common ground, uniting students and respecting each individual’s unique needs and sensitivities.  The Galileo curriculum is rich in historical facts and cultures covering 70 centuries of world history and 250 years of America’s story; art and literature appropriate for the development of each stage of adolescence; the sciences and mathematics; and community service.  A Galileo education is the basis for the next steps in life, for creating hope, and for developing the grit and determination to address individual shortcomings, community problems, and complex issues in pursuit of the American Dream.

The responsibility for developing students is taken seriously at Galileo as is the respect and support held for each family with whom we partner.  Students learn by relating new knowledge to something they currently understand or have previously studied.  Galileo guides learners to first understand self and family, for only then can they appreciate the community, country, and world in which they live.