Middle School

Beginning middle school can be a very frightening for a child. At Galileo, we take precautions to nurture our youngest learners while helping them grow their wings of independence. Sixth graders, for example, do not lead their own student-led conferences. Advisors lead conferences for and with sixth graders in order to train them on our approach to gaining independence.

We also do not require sixth graders to take as many courses as high schoolers. Foreign language classes do not start until seventh grade. Even in middle school, foreign language is designed for exposure; whereas beginning in the upper school, foreign language is more focused on the spoken word.

Middle school students participate in a focus program that provides exposure to Design and Modeling, Medical Detectives, Green Energy and the Environment, and Computer Science for Innovators.  Whereas, upper school students focus more specifically on three courses tailored to their individual interests.

Community involvement begins with even our earliest learners with a 10 hours per year service requirement.

See table below for typical middle school academic programming. In our personalized learning model, many learners will span "grades" across content areas based on individual mastery levels.

Middle School