What does it mean to be a Galileo Preparatory Academy graduate?

When students have a fixed mindset, they believe they can only accomplish goals in life based on the talents and knowledge with which they were born. With a growth mindset, students learn that with determination and practice, they can overcome obstacles and reach any goals they set. Galileo teaches students to have a growth mindset. Our students can accomplish anything. This philosophy can be seen in our mastery-based approach to learning. If students are not initially successful with curriculum, they are given additional opportunities to learn until they are successful or master the content. This support and opportunities may be tutoring, reteaching, additional learning opportunities or alternative ways of learning. Galileo instructors all have office hours, when they are directly accessible to students outside of class time. Additionally, after students graduate from a Galileo Education Academy they can maintain a relationship with their former teachers and advisors as tutors in order to assist them with their post-secondary experience.