A K-12th grade school delivering a personalized experience for every learner

Galileo Preparatory Academy

GPA is comprised of an Upper School and Lower School. We emphasize the importance of multi-age learning, while offering families flexibility.

Lower School

Check back in summer 2023 for more information on our
Lower School program. Questions? Contact

Upper School

Accelerated learners

Since Galileo’s program is self-paced and open all year, Galileo learners can move at a faster pace to complete courses.

Learners who travel

Our flexible scheduling allows learners to travel without getting behind on their coursework. Learners can take their work with them virtually, or pause their schooling.

Athletes, artists, and tech-focused learners

Let your learner's schooling revolve around their passion. Our flexible schedule allows your learner to explore interests such as sports, art, and technology without worrying about missing school.

Learners in need of support

Our mastery-based, self-paced learning model allows your learner to work on a timeline that best fits their needs. We understand the challenges children today face, from school anxiety to medical needs. We provide the support other schools cannot.

Career-focused learners

Each Galileo graduate is immediately employable. Our graduates complete certifications and internships, making their credentials attractive to universities and employers alike.

Purpose-driven curriculum

Our purpose-driven curriculum consists of four pillars:






Traditional studies in English, mathematics, history, foreign languages, and the sciences.

In-depth study in graphic arts and design, IT, gaming, and business leadership.

Growing skills in problem-solving, communication, and self-expression through exploration of the arts.

Developing interests and skills that improve the common good.